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JOG Design offers logo design as a separate service because of how important and meaningful a strong logo design can be.

Whether it be for a business, organization, rock band, or a simple event, a professional and appropriate logo (or logotype) is essential in identifying your cause and acting as a symbol for your entity.

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Your LOGO project

Creating a professional and effective logo or logotype for your enterprise involves a thorough process that combines research, ideas, and communication with the client on the objectives of the emblem:

• Research - understanding who or what your new logo represents

• Sketching/drafting - laying out ideas for the logo, starting with pen and paper (always a good start).

• Discussion/revisions - we are the designers, but you are visionary; let's peruse logo drafts and go from there.

• Fine-tuning - revisions are made to bring your final logo to fruition

For a reasonable price, have us do the work and flush out a built-from-scratch logo that effectively communicates your business.

LOGO update vs LOGO creation

In addition to designing a logo for your enterprise, JOG Design can provide the tools and expertise to update or refresh an already-existing logo.

Perhaps there is no digital version of your logo, or alterations need to be made, or other edits are in order; we can help with that.

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